First Semester 2021


Description Dates
Orientation of Students 11th-12th Jan 2021*
Commencement of Classes and Forms Submission for Opting General Courses in 1st Semester 13th Jan 2021
Kashmir Day 5th Feb 2021
Midterm Examination 15th– 20thMar 2021.
Pakistan Day 23rd Mar 2021
Labor Day 1st May 2021
Coursework Completion 7th May 2021
Eid & Prep Holidays 10th – 21st May 2021
Display of Final Attendance List 18th May
Submission of Assignments if Any 19th May
Final Examination 24th –31st May 2021
Paper Checking & Forms Submission for Opting General Courses in 2nd Semester 1st -8th June 2021
Paper Showing Day to Students  9th June 2021
Submission of Final Result by the Teachers to Departmental            Examination In-charge. 11th June 2021
Display of Results by the Department 15th June 2021
Summer Vacations 15th June -13thAugust 2021